Since the 1960’s

For almost 50 years from the iconic Southall Bridge, Shahi Nan has been serving delicious, satisfying and rustic BBQ cuisine to generations of customers.

Endless memories have been, and continue to be created here. Happy families have eaten together after a busy week, friendships formed while groups of young people queued up for a late night feast and visiting guests have been delighted by the food. All of this pleasure despite the floorboards vibrating with the trains rumbling underfoot.

From presidents to postmen, all Shahi Nan customers have enjoyed the same casual atmosphere, consistent service, freshness, quality and sizzling BBQ food.

Today, Shahi Nan is run by Shekio. His father (lovingly known to all as ‘Papa’) founded the business in his early 20s and even though he is now 81, he still quality checks the food enjoyed by thousands of people.

Inspired by the relentless and passionate work ethic of his beloved father, Shekio is taking the business into the 21st Century with a range of Shahi Nan products and the opening of new franchised huts all over the country.

Why did we move?

After 48 years of being located directly opposite Southall Station on the iconic Southall Bridge, Shahi Nan had to close it's doors due to the Crossrail expansion which affected the station. This was a sad time for us as our entire lives had revolved around this location. My father had worked since his 20's in this shop and this location is how we were recognised.

On 17th June 2017, we closed our doors and moved to a larger site 200 yards further down on 108 South Road. We opened this new location on 3rd September. As we can now serve more people, and our clientele tell us they enjoy it more here as families have more space to sit and eat together - we feel positive and bright about the future.

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